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Day 3 - New Staff Training

posted Sep 10, 2012, 7:18 PM by Brad W   [ updated Sep 10, 2012, 7:20 PM ]
Information... Wow!  Today we went through benefit structure (health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance), social security tax, 403(b) plans.  We went through how to get reimbursements for work related expenses and pay structure. It was a day full of technical information.  I probably left something out.  I enjoyed it, but it was definitely a very financial and technical day.

We were at Campus Crusade for Christ International Headquarters.  The facilities 
were absolutely amazing.  We toured some offices including the current president's (Steve Douglas) and founder and past president (the late Bill Bright).

We also toured the Jesus Film.  I wish I remembered all the statistics, but they have translated the film into 1,148 languages so far.  According to the website several billion viewings of the film have occurred and over 200 million have accepted Christ!  It was an awesome tour.  

I also was able to walk over to the financial hub of the entire organization and talk to a few guys in the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) office and get a big picture of what departments they have and what responsibilities they take care of.  It is pretty cool when everyone is so approachable and you can just walk up and talk to them.  I also met the VP - Steve Sellers.  The CFO was in a meeting, but the guys who showed me around were great!  It was a cool experience given my background and interests.  I think it would be cool for anyone though to be able to see the financial department that holds such a large worldwide ministry together.

It was a fun and informative day at our headquarters.  Eli did great today again in all of the sessions, getting a little talkative some, but pretty much happy throughout the day.  Zac had a great day playing putt putt and going to Sea World with Tiff's parents.


1: Inside headquarters the four walls in the lobby have the four spiritual laws painted on them.
2: A group of people watching the Jesus Film react to seeing a movie for the first time in their lives.
3: Tiffany and I in the massive courtyard between the two main buildings (which are identical inside and out).
4: One side of the courtyard.