Woodgate Carshare

Woodgate Car Club (Leicester)

We are a car share club based in the Woodgate and West End areas of Leicester. We have a car which we "rent out" to car club members. It was started in the year year 2000, initially with the help of Environ (now Groundwork). At present we have 2 members.

The car is booked using our calendar on the internet. It is up to the person using the car to collect the car from outside the house of the last person who used it. For that reason we could only accept members who are based in our club's area. People outside our area might consider joining the other car sharing club in Leicester who cover the whole city - https://leicestercarsharingclub.org.uk/

In 6/2005 we purchased an R-reg (1998) Toyota Corolla, with 62,000 miles on the clock.

The current price structure is as follows:


£120 (fully refundable)


£120 per year (may be paid quarterly)

or £60 for low users (with higher user rates),

or £180 for a couple.

Usage Rates

Use per hour - £2 per hour for the first 2 hours then £1 per hour (up to 12 hours) OR

Use per day £15 first day and £10 per day for each subsequent day.

Mileage Rates

Use per mile (petrol is included in this) : 30p in city, 22p rural (after first 10 miles).

History of Woodgate Car Club

In 1998 the Woodgate Residents' Association first thought of the idea of car sharing to reduce environmental damage and to give those who did not have a car a chance to have access to one. The first attempt at funding was not successful.

However those interested continued pursuing funding and eventually obtained a grant from the European Union, via Environ, a local environment organisation. The grant covered the insurance, road tax and breakdown service fees for the first year plus a couple of hundred pounds. The first car, a "K" registered Rover Metro, was purchased by the members with the help of Ansa Motors who accepted payment over the first year. The club started operation in June 2000.

During the period of obtaining the funding and buying the car the club was formerly started, a constitution and rules drawn up and a bank account opened. We have continued to this date and recently bought a second car, a Blue Toyota Corolla.