Glenn M Wolfe

Dr. Glenn M. Wolfe

Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Lab, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology, University of Maryland Baltimore County

gwolfe at umbc dot edu

Curriculum Vitae


Greetings! I am a research scientist at UMBC and NASA GSFC. My work focuses on how human activities and natural processes influence the chemical makeup of our atmosphere. To appreciate why this is important, do the following:

1) look at the sky.

2) take a deep breath.

We are literally surrounded by Earth's atmosphere. Though we (usually) can't see the gases and particles therein, these minor constituents define the quality of the air we breathe and the evolution of Earth's climate. The composition of our atmosphere influences all living things, and humans are in the unique position of being able to control what is in the air through our choices. Sound choices require a robust understanding of processes and interactions. This is the foundation for atmospheric chemistry research.