Samsung Omnia SGH-i900

This page has a bunch of tools to ease the porting of Android -- and, more specifically, the Linux Kernel -- to the Omnia device.

The tools presented here are intended to be used by the project developers.


  • Debian (base-system and build-essential set of packages) operating system for the Omnia
    -- With this tool the device goes self-hosting, easing the development of hardware drivers and modifications to the Android system as well.

    • wireless tools to allow you to connect to your local network via the Omnia's Wi-Fi hardware
    • ssh shell access to the device -- allowing you to interact with the device through your PC's comfortable display and keyboard
    • experiment your code on-the-fly by building in-place -- either with GCC or with Dalvik's building tools
    • running Android on top of the Debian system allows one to better infer what goes fine and what does not, for instance, by tailing log files
    • by having multiple Android versions installed one can better experiment with the newest upgrades from the Android Community
    • by enabling swap you can safely execute this and many other tasks without getting the Kernel's OOM Killer (Out of Memory Killer) triggered
    • finally, run apt-get to remove or install new packages as you which