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Due to coronavirus AA meetings are available on Zoom. Many meetings have resumed in-person.

AA Kalamazoo: The Alano Club of Kalamazoo is now open. Please see the club website kalamazooalanoclub.org or phone 269-343-2711 for more information.

Many individuals and groups are offering online meetings during this time. Check social media posts for updates.

Contributions / Mail correspondence

District 4

P.O. Box 19232

Kalamazoo, MI 49019

* Please make checks payable to - District 4

See "Your District" for Treasurer Reports.

Please contact the Intergroup office at (269) 382-5244 for information regarding AA meetings in our district.

If you are looking for the AA Kalamazoo Central Office -- www.aakalamazoo.org

Website contact: waglizard@gmail.com