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With the coalescence of advances in molecular biology, bioinformatics, and computational biology, a new era of phylogenomics has emerged, wherein large numbers of DNA sequences, originating particularly from the nuclear genomes plus other comparative data (ecology, morphology, developmental biology, etc.), are or will be available for conducting research into many aspects of biological investigations.

Our lab focuses on the research from this field [phylogenomic] (see Chen and Mayden 2010). The axes of the research work in the lab are: 

  1. Phylogeny (evolutionary relationships) of ray-finned fishes at both large and small scales
  2. Evolutionary genomics (especially, the studies on species diversification in relation to gene/genome duplications)
  3. Biogeography (with emphasis on marine species from Indo-West Pacific)
  4. Marine biodiversity exploration (coral reefs and tropic deep-sea benthos)

The models currently employed in our research are ray-finned fishes and marine mollusks.

You are welcome to inquire postgraduate and post-doctoral position in our lab.