Air Production

The Air Production data set allows you to track your aircraft production.

There are two views (tabs): an overview of the production and a per-engine view (only for Japan).
Overview Tab
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The filters at the top of the tab are:
1. Nation - filter nation
2. Aircraft - filter aircraft type
3. Engine - filter by engine type
4. Status - filter by production status and date
The filters are linked, so refining searches is as easy as we can make them.

Check boxes
The check boxes change the type of data shown in the table:
1. Simple - reduce the number of columns showing, but also add an Engine Use column for each plane.
2. F.Upgrades- shows the factory upgrades of each plane(name and plane number) and upgrade date.
3. CV capable - shows only those planes that can be stationed on CV's.
The information in the top table contains:
  1. ID - The ID number of the aircraftThe information in the top table shows for an aircraft model
  2. Aircraft - The model name
  3. Type - The type
  4. Engine - The number and type of engines in the model
  5. EngineU - The monthly engine use (according to how many engines are needed [Simple view])
  6. Pool - The number of the model that are in the pool.
  7. Bld/day - The approximate number of planes produced per day
  8. Bld/month - The approximate number of planes produced per month
  9. Repairing - The number of factories repairing to produce this model
  10. Not Building - The number of factories halted on this model
  11. Not Repairing - The number of factories not repairing for this model
  12. Total Loss - The total number of this model destroyed
  13. Turn Loss - The loss last turn
  14. Used - The total used from the pool
  15. TBO_YTA - The total being built that are yet to arrive (air group reinforcements), doesn't include upgrades.
  16. Group Planes - The total active
  17. Reinforcement - The number needed to fill existing air groups
  18. Next(dd)- The number of days until the next air group needing this model arrives.
  19. Avail - The date the model is available
  20. Nation - nationality
The bottom table has a 4-way switch which will cycle through the four different views. Firstly click on a plane in the top table, this will select this plane as the filter for the bottom view.
1. Factories associated with that plane.
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2. Details - plane stats.
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3. Engines
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4. Airgroups - associated with this plane.
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Engine Tab