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Mobile Unit

I will Come to You!

If you've got adequate space, such as a meeting room, community or recreation room, large foyer, etc., most of my class formats can be brought to your site! It's easy to get a class started - contact me for details.

Note: All directives issued by the Provincial Government related to the COVID 19 pandemic will be followed for in-person classes. For current guidelines, visit:

Virtual Fitness Classes via

With the ongoing restrictions related to the pandemic, Virtual Fitness Classes have become very popular, and Witness 4 Fitness is pleased to be able to offer them! Lace up your shoes, move your coffee table, and turn your living space into a home gym - it's that easy! Live classes are available as well as on demand videos for your convenience.


Virtual Workshop: Jump Start Your Wellness Journey!

Sometimes not knowing where or how to start is your biggest stumbling block. Let me help! I will take you through some basic health assessments, help you set some achievable goals and find activities that you enjoy (and therefore are more likely to do regularly), and even create a workout schedule for you to follow to get started. It all starts with a 3-hour workshop spread over three evenings for just $25. This leads into the optional 8-week "Get Up! Get Moving!" virtual group health coaching program that will motivate and encourage you and help you crush some of your goals!

The next workshop runs December 27, 28 and 29, and the Get Up! Get Moving! 8-week coaching program begins on January 3, 2022. Check out the video below for more info, and to register for the workshop, use this link:

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Group Fitness Classes

Witness 4 Fitness offers 3 basic class formats, each of which is suitable for all ages, body shapes and sizes.

Walk 15

Offered under our Walk Strong Calgary division, this dynamic, fun class takes walking to a whole new level. With just 4 basic moves, the program is easy to learn and is set apart from other formats through the proprietary 'Steps to Miles System®' created by fitness expert Leslie Sansone of Walk at Home®. Simply put, we move to the beat of music that's paced to measure miles through the beat - 15 minutes of moving to our fitness beat equates to about one mile of outdoor walking. The exercises selected target every major muscle group in the body and we sometimes add strength and/or resistance training for a total body walk that will trim and tone. If you can WALK, you can do this! There's a reason the Walk at Home program has been around for over 35 years... it works!

Revelation Wellness® - You Are God's Good Idea

Love God. Get Healthy. Be Whole. Love Others. This class brings the Word of God into the fitness environment, and the combination of the two can be very POWerful! Transform your whole self to feel well and confident to pursue God's calling on your life. We will worship God with our bodies in these unique classes as we give ourselves to Him, sometimes through prayer and supplication, sometimes with our voices as we sing the songs or quote scripture while we move to the music, sometimes even through warfare when we bring out the drumsticks or get into kickboxing moves. Each session ends with what we call 'Rev on the Mat' - a time of quietness on the mat wherein you are encouraged to 'be still and know that I am God.' These classes include a variety of cardio formats and can include strength training, resistance, core work, and more.

What are you struggling with today? Trust me, you are not alone... and you BELONG here!

Podcast - Join program founder Alisa Keeton for wellness training for your mind, body and spirit!

Move & Groove

This 45-60 minute class focuses on balance, stability, mobility and the core. Each class begins with gentle exercises that improve balance by strengthening muscles of the hips in particular, followed by a short cardio segment to continue warming up the muscles and joints. We then go to the mat for core work, finishing off with flexibility. The more advanced version adds strength and/or resistance training with a longer cardio segment at a slightly higher speed. Suitable for anyone, though you must be able to get down and up from the floor unassisted. A Pilates mat is recommended over a yoga mat for this class.