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Appreciation is a radical stance

Acceptance is a radical act

These phrases came to me just before New Years of 2009.

I’m slowly realizing that living into these phrases requires more than I initially expected. Appreciation and acceptance includes ALL. There are NO exceptions.

Pamela Schreiner

I love systems and structures. I seem to have become passionate about that which most people turn away from -- they find them so-o-o heavy! And I love them!

It all started when I was a small child living in London, England. One of my first memories is of sitting on my father's shoulders walking in downtown London. I was looking out over a massive sea of heads! As this image has grown in me, I now strive to have a big picture view of all things.

Another one of my first memories is of seeing a man from Ghana open an umbrella inside of our house. He was upstairs on the landing and I was downstairs. I was shocked - even though I was only 3 years old, I "knew" that one was not supposed to open an umbrella inside of a house! And so began my interest in superstitions and other cultural beliefs. Over time, I became fascinated with seeing outside of our cultural boxes.

When I was 3 years old, my sister and I moved to Vienna for a year. This was another big grey cocooning city with lots of people and massive structures. Then, at the age of 4, we moved to Saskatchewan. Ouch -- I felt lost! This was a place of big blue skies and wide open spaces. It could be very hot and it could be very cold. And the wind could blow fiercely. I had seen so much contrast in the first view years of my life. Decades later, I became intrigued with polarities, their meaning in our lives and how they can collapse into one another.

I now see that those systems and structures that are all around us in many forms are having a huge, but often not visible, impact on our lives. I've developed a visually-oriented presentation on the big picture view of systems and structures. I like to spark conversations about what this could mean in the many different aspects of our lives.

My presentation and links related to my interest can be seen at: Systems & Structures .

Interweaving Vision and Structure