Hedge Clippings

 26th March 2015 - Despite much trepidation as to what I might find today I started this season's inspecting from the roads without walking the actual paths. I was pleasantly surprised as things are generally in good shape. Has the CWAC contractor started early or are members of the public  doing some tidying and cutting back? Nick and Marion

 Bridge hazard- Mollington 4
Townfield Lane end K/G Mollington 7

14th May 2015 - minor cutting back on Woodbank 1. Capenhurst 5 ok. Woodbank 2 has broken stile at SJ 348726. Cleared Woodbank 4. Nick and Marion
 Woodbank 2 at SJ348726
 Capenhurst 2 at SJ 358731

 21st July 2015 - Despite my previous efforts Woodbank 4 is impassable. Mollington 2 just about usable.Mollington 3 and 5 badly overgrown in places. Nick and Marion
 The invisible Mollington 3
 Mollington 2 - passable-just!

 10th September 2015 - Working on Mollington 9 especially where it narrows. Unsafe bridge on Mollington 10. No other problems on the other paths we checked today. Nick and Marion
 Mollington 10
 Mollington 9