The Wireless College - 1966

The Wireless College Colwyn Bay was established in 1920 by Gordon S. Whale for the training of Radio Officers in communications techniques. This included the sending and receiving of messages using Morse Code and the maintenance and repair of communications equipment.

Gordon Whale learned telegraphy with the Direct Spanish telegraph Company in 1912. He entered the employment of Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company (MWT) in 1916, serving first at Clifden in Connemara and then moving in 1917 to their station near Carnarvon, In 1903 MIMC signed a contract with Lloyds which licensed 12 shipping lines to use Marconi equipment operated by Marconi men. By 1914-18 approximately 3000 ships had been equipped in this way. Gordon Whale realised there could be a secure market for the training of wireless operators and so in 1918, whilst still in the employment of Marconi's, founded a Wireless Training College in Carnarvon. He then relocated the college to upper Colwyn Bay and again in 1923 to East Parade. The college sign proudly proclaimed the call sign 2NF. Later the position of principal passed to his son Bill Whale.

Here, after obtaining the Post Master Generals Certificate of Competence in Radio Telegraphy and Telephony, many of its students joined the Merchant Navy through companies such as Marconi International Marine. The prime purpose of the MN Radio Officer was the safety and preservation of life at sea during times of distress - SOS - Mayday.

The Wireless College closed in 1971 and was later demolished to make way for the A55 Expressway. Much of the college is now under the carriageway. In 2002 The college Old Boys was formed. In 2007 with contributions received from the WC Old Boys scattered around the globe and under the management of Pete Robinson, a bronze plaque embeded in Welsh Rock, commemorating its founder and the college achievements, was placed on East Parade close to where the entrance to the college once stood.

The Wireless College Old Boys

The first Wireless College Website was uploaded in 2002. Its purpose was, and continues to be, to find and reunite former Instructors and Students of the Wireless College. Today there are almost 300 members registered and who form the Wireless College Old Boys. Old friends are also welcome to make contact.

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