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Sergei Winitzki, Ph.D.

Senior Developer
Versal Group Inc.
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San Francisco, USA

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    Graduate 1992-1997 Ph.D., Tufts University (Medford, Mass., USA)
    Adviser: Alexander Vilenkin
    Undergraduate 1988-1992 equivalent of B.S., Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Dolgoprudny, Russia)



     04.2013-presentSenior developer Versal Group Inc.
    Senior developer  
    NEXT Munich. The App Agency
    Senior fellow
    (C1 akad. Oberrat)
    Ludwig-Maximilians University (Munich, Germany)
    10.2007-02.2008 Visiting Professor
    University of Heidelberg (Heideberg, Germany)
    09.2002-09.2007 Research Associate
    (C1 Wiss. Assistent)
    Ludwig-Maximilians University (Munich, Germany)
    2001-2002 Research Associate Tufts University (Medford, Mass., USA)
    1999-2001 Research Associate CWRU (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
    1997-1999 Research Associate DAMTP, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK)




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    Submitted but not accepted:

  34. S. Winitzki (2010) "Observability of the total inflationary expansion". Preprint arXiv:1003.1680 [gr-qc].
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Miscellaneous lecture notes

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