Index of Sergei Winitzki's projects

This page contains my texts and eventually links to other projects.

Brief Curriculum Vitae (including a list of academic publications)

Books written by myself

Linear algebra via Exterior Products: published by (ISBN 9781409294962), also as a free online book (2010). GNU Free Documentation License (FDL).

Advanced Topics in General Relativity: draft lecture notes (2006-2007). GNU Free Documentation License (FDL).

Introduction to quantum field theory in curved spacetime (2004). Early set of lecture notes (written by myself, after lectures by V. F. Mukhanov) is free to download (two-page-per-sheet Postscript, PDF). A thoroughly revised and updated text of these notes was published commercially:
V. F. Mukhanov and S. Winitzki, Introduction to quantum fields in gravity, Cambridge University Press, 2007. ISBN 978-0-521-86834-1.
Errata available (as of 2009)

Eternal inflation (World Scientific, published commercially in 2009). ISBN 978-981-283-239-9.

Other people's books released under GNU FDL

Shorter lecture notes, tutorials, and essays

Other books or shorter texts do not yet have their own page; see the "File cabinet" below for file downloads, or click on the links for PDF files. All these texts are distributed under the GNU Free Documentation License. LaTeX sources available on request if not yet uploaded to the file cabinet (see below).

Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime (lecture notes from a mini-course in Heidelberg, 2006)

Classical mechanics: a minimal standard course (2006)

Quantum mechanics: bits and pieces (2005)

Introduction to asymptotic series

Perturbation theory for anharmonic oscillators by the Lindstedt-Poincare method

Why the Dirac delta function cannot be applied to complex arguments

A simple derivation of the WKB approximation

A simple approximation for the error function and its inverse

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