Team Information

The first game of the new UKDA County, is on 18/19th September at our new venue of the Haydon Wick Club. Swindon. Matches start at 11am on both days.

To watch both days is only £3.

The following teams have been selected.

Saturdays Men’s B. Saturdays Ladies B.

Darren Williams. Sue Lane.

Eddie Tott. Debbie Hughes

Lee Newman. Kerry Hale.

Gareth Kuczynski. April Polden.

Michael Crumpton. Ella Williams.

Chris Bailey. Linzi Holton.

Lewis Gibson. Res. Kim Doble.

Alex Ball.

Stuart Clarke.

Lee Evans.

Roger Crook.

Josh McCarthy.

Res. Evan Willoughby.

Garth Hodgkiss.

Sunday Men’s Team. Ladies Team.

Ian Greenaway. Tina Rowlands

Peter Keen. Joey Hooke

Keith Bedding. Erica Hartnett

Tony Clark. Julie Newman

Gary Court. Emma Everett

Ash McKeever. Jill Little.

Chris Yeates

Andy McDermott

Luke Yates

Lee Evans

Roger Crook

Josh McCarthy