As a classical organist Willem Tanke relates to musical life before 1800, when musicians, in particular keyboard players, used to improvise and compose besides playing pieces from the repertoire. 

Consequently he combines the interpretation of works by Bach, Reger and Messiaen with his own music. 

Willem Tanke's improvisations and compositions are truly in the present while reflecting on the past and heading for the future.

Similar to musicians in the 18th century he plays various types of keyboard instruments.

Willem Tanke believes that improvising and composing contribute to finding one's true musical voice and in that sense also benefit the interpretation of works by great composers of the past.

His recordings are almost always made in one track, without edits, to preserve the natural flow of performance and provide authenticity also in this respect.

Willem Tanke documents his expertise on a special website, called Playing Keyboard Instruments in the 21st Century

Willem Tanke - Organist

Willem Tanke - Pianist

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