Willem Tanke is a critically acclaimed performer of organ works by J.S. Bach, Max Reger, Olivier Messiaen, and György Ligeti.

He explores new ways of improvisation and composition.

"With virtuoso lightness, unfailing timing and inexhaustible wealth of colours, Tanke opens up Messiaen's heaven...his interpretations touch the heart through the organist's peace of mind and sensitivity...this collection is a milestone in the Messiaen discography and a great moment in his organ music" (Miquel Cabruja, klassik.com)

"This recording will be a the top of my critic’s-choice list for the year. I believe it may be the most important recording I’ve reviewed for ARG. Tanke wrote that he intended to explore the direction music is headed in the 21st Century. If that be so, I am excited about where it is going." (Ralph Blakely on Super Audio CD Meditations for a lent in American Record Guide)

"Whoever attends this concert will be left flabbergasted, exalted (in the sense of feeling elevated), moved, and in any case unsettled, and afterward, remaining silent for a long time. The music has an indescribable force which overwhelms the listener" (Henk ten Holt on a live performance of Olivier Messiaen and the Cave of Forgotten Sounds, Ugenda)