Wild Geese Mental Health envisions mental health treatment as a process of empowerment. The process begins with the psychiatric assessment. Through empathic listening, psychoeducation, and collaborative goal setting, Ayelet works with her clients to help them fully understand their options for treatment and to make informed choices that empower them in their care for their own well-being.

Ayelet provides therapy and medication management (or a combination) for adults and older adolescents. Ayelet’s specialty areas include stress, depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationships, and trauma. She has specialized training in perinatal mental health. She does not provide disability assessments or treatment for substance abuse.

If you are already working with a therapist, Ayelet will collaborate with your therapist to create an integrated plan for your care, and will maintain contact with your therapist over the course of your work together. Because medication works best as an adjunct to therapy, Ayelet requests that you actively engage in therapy in order to receive medication management services.