Eric Wiland


Department of Philosophy

University of Missouri-St. Louis

551 Lucas Hall

(314) 516-5495

I work primarily on topics in ethics and practical reason.

My work falls into several overlapping categories: advice and moral testimony, reasons for action, objective and indirect moral theories:

Advice and moral testimony (and related matters)

  • Guided by Voices: Moral Testimony, Advice, and the Forging of a "We" , Oxford University Press (2021)

  • "(En)joining others", Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility, Oxford University Press (2019)

  • "Peer Disagreement: Special Cases", Logos & Episteme (2018)

  • "Moral Advice and Joint Agency" Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Oxford University Press (2018).

  • "Moral Testimony: Going on the Offensive", Oxford Studies in Metaethics 12 (2017), 51-75.

  • "Peer Disagreement and the Dunning-Kruger Effect", Episteme (2016), 1–18. doi:10.1017/epi.2016.18.

  • "Rossian Deontology and the Possibility of Moral Expertise", Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics (2014).

  • "Trusting Advice and Weakness of Will," Social Theory and Practice 80 (2004), 371-89.

  • "Stories, Autobiographies, and Moral Inquiry," Journal of Social Philosophy 34:2 (2003), 188-98.

  • "Some Advice for Moral Psychologists," Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 84 (2003), 299-310.

  • "Advice and Moral Objectivity," Philosophical Papers 29 (2000), 1-19.

  • "Good Advice and Rational Action," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 60, (2000), 561-9.

  • "Advice, Life-Experience, and Moral Objectivity", Dissertation, University of Chicago (1997).

Reasons for Action

Objective and indirect moral theories

One-off articles

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