Wifi Camera is an ongoing research project initiated by Bengt Sjölén and Adam Somlai Fischer with Usman Haque.

Many people and institutions have been involved since the projects' 2006 beginnings:

Panoramic Wifi Camera


Curator "Light InSight": Yukiko Shikata (ICC)

Assistant: Hiroko Myokam (ICC)

Administration: Yoshiaki Takahashi

Production in Tokyo

Setup: Nobuki Shirai and his team of Tokyo Studio Co., Ltd.

Technical Setup: Toku Kitajima (ICC), Hiroshi Kanechiku, Takashi Nishino, Haruhiko Goto, Koji Hirano (ICC),Takahiko Azami

Cooporation: Lily Industry Co., Ltd., Thailand

Production in Budapest

Szakal Bros.


Nodebox wifi log batch renderer: Gabor Papp

DIY Guide sketches: Gina Haraszti

Single Pixel Camera

Initial project funds and support: Folly Gallery, Lancaster, UK