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Metal Signs - Vintage Decorations For Home Or Business

Metal signs can add a really unique touch to a home or business. They can be classic, homey, or artistic, and can add a vintage feel. You can even order a hand-painted sign if you are in the market for a special piece.

Family Name Signs -

For the home, family name signs can be found in many styles. In the kitchen, the popular food and beverage brand advertisements of the 40's and 50's are often found being used as décor. You can buy a message sign such as; 'Mom's Kitchen', 'Kiss the Cook', 'Always Open', 'Kitchen Closed' and a plethora of others. You can even have one custom designed with the message of your choice. In the garage, vintage car adverts seem to be very popular, as do speed limit and other roadway type signposts. A cast aluminum sign with your address hand scribed would look great out in front of your home. This really adds a personal touch to your curb appeal. There is even a parking sign available for sports fans of any team. In the family room, a billiard sign can be purchased to hang over the pool table. Another use for metal signs that is not always considered is for a pet memorial. This can be a great way to dedicate a certain area of the yard or garden to Fluffy's memory. Grieving children particularly appreciate this idea because it gives them a place to go and think about their beloved pet.

Brass name plaques are an iconic and an elegant way to commemorate an individual, or even a momentous occasion. Brass plaques are also used as office signs and door name plates. Often, they have beautiful metal engraving on them. But these brass name plaques and signs often develop a greenish coating on their surface. This holds particularly true for brass door name plates, as they are often exposed more than the others since they usually hang on doors outside. This greenish coat, a sign of corrosion, can obscure the metal engraving on the plaque or sign over time, so it is important to remove it and/or prevent it from developing at all. Maintaining your brass plaques and signs need not be difficult job. Here are some tips to help you take care of your name plaques, office signs and door name plates, so that they will always retain their sophisticated charm and charisma:

The cost of metal signs varies widely. The price is going to depend on the size of the sign, the detail of the image that is cut or painted on the sign, the material in which your sign is made out of and the coating, if any, that is used to protect your sign. Another factor that will increase price is customization. It obviously takes more time and money for a company to make a custom sign than it does to produce hundreds of the same style over and over again. If you are looking for a custom piece, ask questions. When comparing two companies, find out what material will be used, ask to see samples of previous work, find out what the turnaround time on your order is and ask if there will be any type of satisfaction guarantee.

Brass Name Plaques, Office Signs and Door Name Plates - Tips for Maintenance

Businesses have a ton of options too. Custom designed metal signs with your corporate logo will really leave a lasting impression with your client. There are many retailers that will customize a sign to your specifications. This is a great alternative to the typical vinyl sign. A wonderful benefit to going this route is that the sign can be anodized. This creates a long lasting sign that will work for interior or exterior use. This type of sign is painted with a special product as so not to chip, crack, peel or fade.

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• The harsh elements, as well as the pollutants in the air, mar the beauty and luster of brass plaques. If you notice any layers building up, the first thing you should do is wash the plaques with a solution of ivory soap and water. This should be done softly with a kitchen brush since a hard brush could scratch them. Do not use detergents as they can be too harsh. You might end up with a clean, but dulled plate.

• Rinse the etched plate well, until the greenish layers are all washed off. The last rinse should be done with distilled water to ensure that the brass plaque does not have a residue of any dissolved salts or chemicals.

• Dry the surface using a slightly moist, but clean cloth. This is because a dry cloth might make minute scratches which can dull the brass over time. Be sure to dry the crevices and deep parts of the metal engraving carefully. No water droplets must remain in them. If you can keep the plaque or sign in a dry place under the sun after this, do so.

Custom Wooden Signs Can Withstand The Weather

Every summer I go with my family to the same beach spot. I always know we're getting closer when I start seeing similar signs for every business imaginable. Retail businesses, resorts, even the movie theater - they all have signs with a few characteristics in common. They are all gray in color, fairly low to the ground, and made of wood. Something about those wooden signs has an elegant yet rustic look that is seen throughout the salt-aired environment of that seaside town. So the signs really do enhance the overall appearance of the whole town.

I assume there's probably a sign ordinance dictating these sign specifications. Most municipalities have sign ordinances, and towns in high tourism locations such as the beach have even more rigid regulations as to what they can display. Obviously, the ordinance in this beach town insists on gray, wooden signs, and they do look very attractive. But wouldn't wood be the last material to be required in a beach town? After all, when you think of wood signs, you might think of splintered, rotted wood with peeling paint, particularly at a place as salty and humid as the beach.

This does not have to be the case at all. In fact, the trick to a high quality, long lasting wooden sign is in the type of wood used for the sign.

Not All Wood Is Meant To Be Used Outside

This sounds contradictory, as wood comes from trees, and trees grow outside. But many sign companies make wooden signs strictly out of plywood. And regular plywood on its own can not hold up to high humidity or changes in the weather. Even painted plywood is subjected to swelling, warping, and cracking once it absorbs moisture, even just from the air. And even if your wooden sign is somewhat new, it will look old and shabby under such conditions. And a shabby sign send the wrong message about your business.

So, What Is The Secret Of This Beach Town's Beautiful Custom Wooden Signs?

Another feature this beach town's outdoor signs all have in common is that they are all in prime condition, all year round, every time we go. How is that possible? They choose high quality sign companies who use a specific type of wood for custom wood signs that is actually weatherproof in all types of environmental conditions. This type of wood is known as Rot-Safe and is guaranteed for outdoor use for up to ten years.

Business owners pay particular attention to the fine details that are possible when they order custom wood signs because they appreciate just how effective these beautiful signs can be for their business. With so many sizes, shapes, styles, and colors from which to choose, it is simply a matter of deciding on how big to go with all the design possibilities. If the signs are meant for the side wall of a business you can go as big as you wish but perhaps a slightly more modest size would work best.

Choose from a smaller 2 foot by 3 foot or go big with a 6 by 9! It's all about the planning and how seriously you choose to "brand" your building. Signs are found everywhere from walls to window to doors and they all have one thing in common. They emphasize and they attract attention. So whenever you wish to bring your growing enterprise to the attention of passersby you can't go wrong with carved or sand-blasted wood signs.

Residential signs bring attention to hobbies or special interests

So you have a hobby such as golf or perhaps its race cars. Maybe you are a farmer and want to show off your talents at raising goats or sheep. You can plan and design your very own wooden signs to show how serious and dedicated you are at what you do. "Caution Cattle Crossing" is a popular sign that helps slow down traffic passing down your farm road. Help keep those cows alive and healthy as they cross from one field to another or head for the barn at milking time. Or perhaps its chickens that get run down as they meander around scratching up bugs or whatever you choose to safe guard by adding signs to warn about.

Commercial Business Owners Appreciate Signs That Emphasize Their Brand, Product Or Service!

Look around and you may notice how some signs stand out from the rest. They most likely are signs that have been custom-made and are brilliant in color and texture. Custom wood signs are especially eye appealing because they have depth as well as an unmistakable appearance of quality. Made from various types of wood, they are unique as an appealing way of attracting attention, and that's what sells!

Rot-Safe wood is still made of plywood, but the raw material consists of a Medium Density Overlay plywood core. A special hardwood veneer face then gives the sign a smooth finish, even after painting. Finally, an ultra-smooth overlay of a high fiber sheet treated with a resin for optimum paint adhesion guarantees the wooden sign will hold its look for up to a decade.

Custom Wood Signs Offer A Unique Way To Say Welcome

It's fun and attractive signs that gain attention and are amusing at the same time. Imagine a wooden sign with your own design depicting a man playing golf. He wears his best checked slacks and brightly colored golf shirt as he tees off, just like you do every Saturday morning! Fun and fantastic custom wood signs are meant to be strikingly attractive and make folks smile when they see them.

A business sign is a way to convey the "personality" of a business. At it's most effective, the passerby will understand in a quick glance not only what the business does or sells, but also the "feeling" of the business. Is this business directed at children, serious business people, ladies, pets, etc? Is this an important financial institution or a fun candy shop targeting families? The design elements that convey this feeling is created by the choice of font style, colors, and also imagery.

Why has this form of advertising lasted so long? Because it works. Creating a good clear business sign not only brands your business making it unique and memorable, but also lets people know about your services or wares. The strength of a good business sign is to reach thousands of people that see it and convert them into clients or customers for that business.

As long as there have been businesses there have been business signs.

Business signs have been around for thousands of years. Think of a cobbler advertising his services in ancient Greece. Or a blacksmith working in the Middle Ages. Or who could forget Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice". Of course, that merchant who lived and worked in Venice had a sign above his shop's entryway advertising his business. Right?

Do you have a favorite billboard or business sign? Perhaps it's something you see every day as you commute to work. Perhaps it's an outdoor sign advertising a beverage company, cell phone company, vitamins or even candies. Perhaps it's a sign hanging above a shop for glasses repair shop or a diner.

Business Signs Are As Old As History

Custom Business Signs Are An Extension Of Your Business

You've seen this common scenario in countless movies and television shows - there's an old, creepy house in the neighborhood that all the local kids believe to be haunted. They believe this because the house is isolated, dark, and in poor condition. The kids all dare each other to go up to the house, and one brave, though pressured, soul finally inches up towards the door. The door mysteriously opens to reveal a kind, yet lonely old widow who can no longer keep up with her large family home.The kids and the widow all become friends. Does your building resemble the widow's home, dark and uninviting? If so, consider a new custom sign.

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