Welcome to Wholesome Living Farm

Wholesome Living Farm is a transparent, pasture-based, holistically managed farm located on the edge of the beautiful Bluegrass in Clark County, Kentucky.  Owned and operated by Will and Ashley Meurer, Wholesome Living Farm utilizes multi-species, rotational grazing practices to fulfill our mission to steward Creation in a redemptive way that builds soil, builds forgiveness into our ecosystem, and builds a bridge between our patrons and the food that nourishes them.

Our methods allow us to offer these wonderful products to our patrons:

Pasture Raised Poultry (Eggs, Chicken, Stewing Hens)
Grass Fed/Finished Beef
Pasture Raised Pork

We are committed to our ministry to offer our local community integrity food that fully honors and respects the soil, the animals, the people, and the landscape we all share.  We are humbled by the opportunity to provide your family with real, nutrient-dense food.