Unleashing Identity

Hello World!

I am Chandni Verma, a Software Developer, who has studied Computer Science and Engineering from Dr. M.C. Saxena College of Engineering and Technology 
affiliated to

In 2011, I completed Software Development internship in GNOME Outreach Programme for Women Internships where I worked on Empathy, the default IM/VoIP client on GNOME. At times I hacked on the underlying Telepathy communications service of the desktop.

Having played the roles of an ex-member of GNOME Foundation and GNOME.Asia  committee, I had worked as a Team Leader for Applied R&D at I.T. Centre of Society for the Advancement of Environmental Sciences where my focus was on Bio-metric software and creating Data Generation tools with my language of preference being Java.

In May 2015, I joined IBM India Pvt. Ltd. as a Software Engineer in the Linux Technology Center. Here I work on Linux tools in the Reliability, Availability, Serviceability (RAS) team and ensure they work correctly and compliantly on IBM PowerPC Architecture. Here I work mostly on C++ tools like lshw and lsvpd, diagnostic tools and some tools written in C like hwinfo and powerpc-utils.

I am also fond of competitive sport programming(earlier mostly in Java and nowadays in C++) and have a long history of participation on sites like  codechef.comspoj.com,topcoder.comhackerearth.comcodeforces.com. My username on most of the sites is chandniverma.

My areas of interest are Algorithms and Software Design.
Researching and contributing to open source projects, 
Algorithm contests, solving riddles.

I can speak C and C++ fairly well. I've started feeling a little rusty over Java.

I like outdoor sports. I can swim, ride a horse and can drive cars @90kmph. 
I also cook at times ( sometimes some of these things are piped into my non-technical blog ).

I am a Linux programmer. I like coding efficient solutions to real world problems and am looking for a platform where I get a chance to exploit my extreme interest in the field of computing.

What's in here?

In my website, I brief out my projects and interests that keep me involved over free time. I hope you enjoy reading through them! You can always mail me for some of the code implementations if you want. I'll be more than willing to share! :)

Stay tuned with my latest works by following my technical blog.