Unleashing Identity

Hello World!

I am Chandni Verma, a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering from Dr. M.C. Saxena College of Engineering and Technology 
affiliated to

I completed Software Development internship in GNOME Outreach Programme for Women Internships where I worked on Empathy, the default IM/VoIP client on GNOME. At times I hack on the underlying Telepathy communications service of the desktop.

I am a member of GNOME Foundation and GNOME.Asia  committee and work full time as a Team Leader for Applied R&D at I.T. Centre of Society for the Advancement of Environmental Sciences where my focus is on Bio-metric software and Data Generation with my language of preference being Java.

My areas of interest are Algorithms and Software Design.
Researching and contributing to open source networking projects, 
Algorithm contests, puzzle-solving.

I can speak Hindi, English, C and Java fairly well.

I like outdoor sports. I can swim, ride a horse and can drive cars @90kmph. 
I also cook at times ( sometimes some of these things are piped into my non-technical blog ). I can multitask.

I am a Linux programmer. I like coding efficient solutions to real world problems and am looking for a platform where I get a chance to exploit my extreme interest in the field of computing.

What's in here?

In my website, I brief out my projects and interests that keep me involved over free time. I hope you enjoy reading through them! You can always mail me for some of the code implementations if you want. I'll be more than willing to share! :)

Stay tuned with my latest works on the application set of GNOME and the technologies behind the X Window System desktops on my technical blog.