Our church traces its roots back to the summer of 1933 when, through a series of tent meetings, the White Lake Gospel Center was born. In the early days, the church met in an old store front on Ferry Street in downtown Montague before moving "up the hill" in 1957 to its present location. Shortly before that move the name of the church was changed to White Lake Baptist Church, and the church then joined the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, an affiliation that is still enjoyed today. White Lake Baptist Church has a rich heritage, and it is quite apparent that God has seen fit to bless this church over the many years of its existence.

It is also quite apparent that God has a plan for the future of this church. We're not only looking back on the "good ol' days" we are also looking ahead, with a vision for the future, as God should direct. We believe the Lord is coming soon, but until He does come, we are dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ and to providing a place where families can be ministered unto.