White Horse Badminton Club - Playing Badminton in Westbury Wiltshire since the 1970's

White Horse Badminton Club (WHBC) has been running for over 40 years and prides itself on being one of the most welcoming and best value for money clubs in mid-Wiltshire however due to the currently reduced opening hours of our traditional playing venue, Westbury Leighton Sports Centre and that of other local sports facilities we are at present unable to find a venue with sufficient available capacity to allow us to play.

Pre covid19 WHBC used to practice (using feather shuttles) 8pm-10pm every Monday evening in Westbury and we will return to playing again at this time when traditional opening hours are re-established.

This page will be updated when sufficient courts for two hours can be secured for use by WHBC.

Winter 2018/19 saw WHBC re-enter the Mid-Wilts level doubles league and following promotion now play in Division 2 (league match results and positions can be found at Wiltshire Badminton League).