This is an attempt to have a web presence for the Whams of America. It was started in the last week of September, 1998 by Richard A. Wham, M.D.of Henderson, KY. The material contained at that point had been contributed by his father, Fred L. Wham, Jr., Centralia, IL, Lael Nesmith Snyder, Salem, IL (his cousin), and Thomas James Wham, Mountain Home, AR, - (his cousin). Without Richard's leadership and the significant contributions of many others this site would not exist.

HOW TO FIND OUR RELATIVES (in three easy steps)

    1. Start with the "Northern Branch" or "Southern Branch"*

    2. Use the search function on your browser to look for a specific name or just start scrolling and take a look

    3. If you discover incorrect information, or if you can help fill in the gaps, please leave comments at the end of the page or see the "HOW TO ADD INFORMATION" section below

*Note: Several inconsistencies exist in the information, comparing the "Northern Branch" and "Southern Branch" - most notably the name of the father of Joseph and William. His name is either Joseph or Benjamin. Please help us resolve this dilemma. Please submit additions, corrections, and comments.


The material posted has lots of gaps and omissions. If you have information to contribute, please send by email and attachments at tomandsuzijjj@gmail.com if at all possible. GED files are great and we can handle *.txt, *.asc, *rtf, MS works, MS word, etc., or just put it in the body of the email. Include name, address, birth date, place of birth, death date, place of death, and any other biographical material known. Include source of information if known. Also indicate if it is OK to include your email address in a list of contacts and if it would be permissible to list your email address to a future list to facilitate communications among Wham family members.

Important: Almost all this information is in the public record, but if anyone is listed here and wishes to be "unlisted", please contact us. Your name will be removed! The information contained here comes from a variety of sources, and every attempt is made to be accurate. However errors are present. Please send corrections and additions.

Finally, if you are aware of any "treasure trove" of Wham family history, please let us know how we might contact that person. This web site "belongs" to all Wham family members and relatives. Please feel that this is your site and accept the responsibility of adding your information to it. GED COM files will be made available on request. Thank you in advance.