Effectiveness of control


"Outcome indicator that assesses the effectiveness of site-focused control measures". - Van Wilgen, B.W. & Wilson, J.R. (Eds.) 2018. The status of biological invasions and their management in South Africa in 2017. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Kirstenbosch and DST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology, Stellenbosch.

Source data:

  • Van Wilgen et al. (2020) found that control measures (other than biological control) have largely failed to check invasions at a national scale.

  • Fill et al. (2018) assessed short-term vegetation recovery after alien plant clearing along the Rondegat River, South Africa

  • Van Wilgen et al. (2017) assessed invasive alien plant control operations over several decades in the Kruger National Park

  • Kraaij et al. (2017) assessed the effectiveness of invasive alien plant management in the Garden Route National Park

  • Fill et al. (2017) assessed the effectiveness of invasive alien plant management in the Upper Berg River catchment

  • Van Wilgen et al. (2016) documented the historical costs and extent of efforts to control invasive alien plants in the protected areas of the Cape Floristic Region and estimated the resources that would be needed to bring the problem under control within a reasonable timeframe

  • Ntshotsho et al. (2016) explored the success of invasive alien plant clearing projects of the Working for Water Programme, using three case studies

  • Van Wilgen and Wannenburgh (2016) reviewed the achievements and challenges in the Working for Water programme

  • McConnachie et al. (2012) evaluated the cost-effectiveness of Working for Water in reducing invasive alien plant cover in the Krom and Kouga river catchments over 7 years

  • Van Wilgen et al. (2012) assessed the effectiveness of the Working for Water programme over the past 15 years, by reviewing data from three national-level estimates of the extent of invasion, records of the costs and spatial extent of invasive species control operations, assessments of the effectiveness of biological control, and smaller-scale studies.

  • De Lange & Van Wilgen (2010) found that although an estimated R6.5 billion was lost every year due to invading alien plants, this would have amounted to an estimated additional R41.7 billion had no control been carried out


Time-series of invasive pine clearing above Berg River Dam (incremental clearing from right to left)