Club Calendar for 2019

  Details of the club calendar of events are shown below. These dates were agreed at the start of the season but some may be subject to change as the season progresses. Where events are shown in italics, these are for information only and do not affect the use of the lawns at Levens Hall. Home events are shown in red and the use of the lawns may be affected. NWFed league matches shown as home games will be played at Levens Hall using both full lawns. Where such matches are in progress the small lawn 5 will still be available for members use.

   Sunday 7th  Levens Hall opens  
   Sunday 14th  Golf v Culcheth  Home
   Wednesday 17th  Fun Day  
   Wednesday 24th  Mwk v Southport  Away
   Sunday 28th  Golf v Bury South  Home
   Tuesday 2nd
 Short v Chester  Away
   Sunday 12th  Golf v Chester  Away
   Friday 17th  Mwk v Bowdon Earls  Away
   Sunday 19th  Sunday Golf Tournament  
   Thursday 30th  Tankard v Keswick  Away
   Saturday 1st  Golf v Llanfairfechan  Away
   Sunday 9th  Golf v Fylde Coasters  Home
   Wednesday 12th  Strawberry Wednesday  
   Thursday 13th  Mwk v Chester  Home
   Thursday 20th  Short v Bury Vikings  Away
   Saturday 22nd  Golf v Crake Valley  Away
   Tuesday 25th  Visit from "Ladies of Levens"  Away
   Thursday 27th  Tankard v Penrith  Home
   Saturday 29th
 Sunday 30th
 NWFed Festival of Croquet   Southport
   Saturday 6th  Garden Party  Fiona's*
   Tuesday 9th  Mwk v Bury  Home
   Sunday 14th  Short v Southport  Away
   Sunday 21st  Short v Bowdon Cubs  Home
   Sunday 28th  Golf v Bury North  Away
   Monday 29th  Tankard v Crake Valley  Away
   Thursday 1st  Mwk v Pendle   Away
   Sunday 4th  Short v Bowdon Bears  Away
   Sunday 11th  Golf v Fylde Falcons  Away
   Tuesday 22nd  Short v Bury Crusaders  Away
   Sunday 1st  Golf v Southport  Home
   Thursday 5th  Mwk v Bowdon Griffins  Home
   Saturday 7th  Short v Fylde  Away
   Sunday 15th  Golf v Bowdon  Home
   Thursday 3rd  Levens Hall closes  
  *provisional arrangement