Our History


The Western Weavers Square Dance Club, originally a member of the Western Square Dance Association, became a member of the Associated Square Dancers (aka A-Square-D) in January 2016. A-Square-D was formed in 1948 and then became incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1950. The Association provides non-profit status to member clubs, promotes square and round dancing on a local, state and national level, and also provides liability insurance to their clubs to protect both the club and the club members. To maintain our insurance coverage, everyone attending our dances and classes must sign in.

Western Weavers is a non-profit organization governed by a Constitution and By-Laws. The purpose of the club is to bond together in a spirit of friendship and good fellowship and to share in the pleasure of square dancing. Board Members elected by the general membership govern the Club. The Board is elected annually, and terms run from January 1 through December 31. All Board positions are voluntary.

Western Weavers is a Plus level club. We dance at the Joslyn Adult Center, 1301 W. Olive Ave., in Burbank, California. Dances begin with Round Dancing at 7:30 p.m. and Square Dancing at 8 p.m. An A-1 Tip is usually called at break time. The dancing ends at 10:30 p.m.

Club members are kept abreast of Club activities via a monthly club calendar and newsletter. Announcements also are made at Club dances and our Club sponsored classes. Members will be able to pick up their calendar and newsletters at the first club dance of the month or the first Tuesday class following the dance. Any packets not picked up will be mailed.

Every Tuesday we sponsor new dancer classes at the Magnolia Park Methodist Church, 2828 W. Magnolia Blvd., in Burbank. Club members are encouraged to support our classes.

Club members wishing to attend classes may participate as Angels. Angels are not teachers but help new dancers learn the basics of square dancing. The Class Caller directs the pace of the class and is assisted by the Class Coordinators. Angels are not guaranteed to dance and could be removed from a square if a student needs to fill the spot. However, all Angels who attend the majority of classes will be eligible to receive an Angel or Archangel to hang on their club badge. We are all proud to be Angels and look forward to receiving our award at class graduation in June.

Western Weavers participates in visitations to other clubs. The purpose is to promote friendship between clubs. We engage in friendly competition with other clubs by exchanging (or capturing) one of their banners or retrieving one of ours. This will help to promote larger club dances for everyone. The Club awards a retriever pin after the first five visitations, and puppy dangles after each additional five visits. Thereafter, five puppies may be traded in for a gold puppy.


The Western Weavers Square Dance Club was founded by Eyloe and Lee Vogelgesang. The charter members of this club consisted entirely of the first graduating class sponsored by the East Valley Horse Owners Association, on October 9, 1981. All the members from the first class, as well as the Angels, were eligible to become Charter Members if they wanted to join the club.

In the fall of 1980, Lee Vogelgesang, an aspiring square dance caller was asked to call a demonstration dance for the East Valley Horse Owners’ Association. Their members were quite taken with square dancing and asked Lee to start a new beginner’s class which they agreed to sponsor. Lee accepted their proposition on the condition that enough interested beginners would sign up for the class.

Flyers were printed announcing the new class and news releases were sent to the press. Finally, on February 6, 1981, the first “Lee Vogelgesang Beginners Square Dance Class” began at the Sunland Park Recreation Center. It was quickly evident that there would be enough beginners registering and Lee was not unprepared. He had some experienced dancers to help the new dancers, including his wife Eyloe. It was apparent from the beginning that this new group was determined to succeed. With help from several couples, the beginners made steady progress.

A few people dropped out of the class for various reasons, but it was soon obvious a nucleus was forming. Friendships were being made; a new square dance club was in the making! Once it was decided a club would be formed, dancers thought a name should be given. Ideas for names were requested and many were submitted and finally brought to vote. “Western Weavers,” submitted by Thea Pottenger (Winner), was picked and the Western Weavers was born.

P.S. There really is a weaverbird. Weavers are small colorful birds also known as weaver finches and get their name because of their elaborately woven nests. And how appropriate is this? The name Vogelgesang translates to Birdsong. You can see our little bird singing on our badges.