The Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee annually hosts a Symposium for technology leaders in South Western Ontario.  Symposium is unlike any other "technology conference" that you may have attended. 

Symposium is all about ideas.  The keynote and breakout sessions are carefully selected by the organization committee.  There is no "call for proposals"; all of the keynotes and sessions are selected specially for the message that they will deliver.  The message is timely and contemporary with the goal being to inform all of the school districts at the same time.  Regularly, the audience is filled with over 400 directors, superintendents, principals, and technology leaders.

The success of Symposium comes from key messages from classroom leaders who share their successes implementing new technologies and new skills for students in their classrooms.  Symposium has been held regularly at two spectacular London, Ontario locations - the London Convention Centre and the Lamplighter Inn's Conference Centre.

In addition to local initiatives, critical messages from some of the best cutting edge minds in current technology trends.  In 2011, Lee LeFever delivered one of his first keynote presentations as he enlightened the group on his creative process to create Common Craft videos.  Dr. Helen Barrett dug deep into the world of e-portfolios and discussed life long benefits to our students.  

Lee LeFever  
Lee LeFever RCAC 2011
Dr. Helen Barrett  
Dr. Barrett RCAC 2011

Some of the keynote speakers to grace the stage and deliver inspirational messages include:
    • Leslie Fisher
    • Jeremy Gutsche
    • Wayne Hulley (twice)
    • David Jakes
    • Doug Johnson
    • Ian Jukes
    • Annette Lamb
    • Amber MacArthur
    • Angela Maiers
    • Rory McGreal
    • Jamie McKenzie
    • Wendy Mesley
    • Alan November (twice)
    • David Pogue (twice)
    • Marc Prensky
    • Will Richardson
    • Robert Sawyer
    • Elliot Soloway
    • David Thornburg
    • David Warlick (twice)