Hagerstown Railroad Museum Opened April 5th for 2013 Season
Hours: Friday - Saturday 10-4 or by appointment

    Welcome to my website dedicated to the history, preservation, and restoration of Western Maryland Class K-2 202.  202 was built by the Baldwin Locomotive works in July 1912.  It is a pacific(4-6-2) type locomotive specifically designed for passenger service.  202 was capable of speeds in excess of 90mph, and on occasion reached it. 202 primarily served the Hagerstown, MD area for most of its 40+ years of service. She currently resides in City Park in Hagerstown, MD.  202 is one of only 2 surviving Western Maryland steam locomotives, and is the only surviving mainline steam locomotive.  202 was retired in late 1952 and moved to the Hagerstown Shops where it sat with other retired K-2's being stripped of their hardware.  It was decided by the Western Maryland to donate 202 to the children of Hagerstown and place it on display in Hagerstown City Park.  Before 202 was moved to the park it was almost completely rebuilt by the Western Maryland.  202's bell was actually taken off at this point and given to a local family who later donated it back to the 202.   202 still sits in Hagerstown City Park waiting for the day it can once again ride the rails and perform the duties it was built for.  As it sits, 202 is a shinning example of steam technology.  It has recently been cosmetically restored by a group of volunteers and is open Thursday-Sunday to view from May-October.


            The other surviving engine is Western Maryland number 6 which operates on the Cass Scenic Railroad. 6 is a shay locomotive and holds the distinction of being the largest and last Shay built in the US.  Here is a video of the only operable Western Maryland Steam Engine.

Big 6


    Also worth mentioning on this page is LS&I number 34.  34 is a consolidation built by Baldwin in 1916.  It is one of several surviving LS&I consolidations and is very similar to some of the Western Maryland's consolidations.  There are no surviving Western Maryland consolidations so LS&I 34 was chosen to be restored and painted into the WM's fireball scheme for use on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.  Several other modifications were made to the locomotive to make it look more like a WM.  For some reason it was decided to paint the locomotive with H-7 class number 734.  34 actually much more closely represents a H-9 class locomotive and should be painted 834(for the sake of preserving its original number).  Here is a video of 34 in operation on the WMSRR.


    Found this vid on youtube recently.  This is 202's bell being rung by a child on opening day 2009.  Ill try to get a some sort of vid on 202 up in the next few months.

202 Bell

    You can contact me through my youtube account run202run if you have any questions about 202.