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John Wayne Comic Books

John Wayne made his breakthrough performance as 'the Ringo Kid' in the John Ford directed STAGECOACH (1939).
 labored for about a dozen years in mostly small budget films churned out by many production companies, including several on 'Poverty Row'.  And the nearly fifty sound westerns and serials that he starred in during the decade of the Great Depression gave him valuable screen time and experience prior to his emergence as a major film star.
Republic's Three Mesquiteers trio series began in 1936 and was a box office success.  The Republic brass liked 3Mesquiteers star Bob Livingston and decided to put him in some other work (such as the 1939 THE LONE RANGER RIDES AGAIN serial). So they hired Wayne to replace Livingston as 'Stony Brooke' in the Mesquiteers' adventures.  He appeared in eight Mesquiteers' films released during 1938-1939, and all were typical Republic action and quality.  During this period, he also had time for STAGECOACH (1939).

With the success from that movie, Wayne was promoted to higher grade cinema adventures.  He worked long and hard to get to this position, and we're thankful that most of Wayne's 1930s westerns and cliffhangers are available on cable TV and videotape. He became one ofHollywood's most beloved stars and a role model for America and American ideals. 


John Wayne had a comic book published by Toby Press entitled John Wayne Adventure Comics. It had the sub-title “The Greatest Cowboy Star of Them All”.  It ran 31 issues from 1949 thru 1955. The stories in this title were not all western, but also represented the war and adventure genres as well. Most issues had photo covers. He also had a series in Britain, called John Wayne Adventure Comics, in which cover paintings were utilized. This series ran 82 issues, from 1952 to 1958.

Also included on this John Wayne site are comic books based on his movies.

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