CMWMC 2023

Oct 28, 2023

WAMC team competed for the first time at  Carnegie Mellon Women's Mathematics Competition, a contest for advanced middle and high school female and non-binary students

Please join me in congratulating our team Yunong Wu, Alicia Zhu, and Sophie Yu on placing 5th in the Relay Round and to Yunong Wu on her individual result.

The team result is especially remarkable, as the team's captain Emily fell ill earlier this week and was replaced by Sophie only this Wednesday. The girls didn't really have time to get to know each other, yet they managed to excel in a round where each team member works on one problem of the set and passes their answer to the next team member, who will use that answer to solve their own problem.

Team results:

#6 Overall

#5 in Relay Round

#6 in Guts Round

Individual round results:

#6 Yunong Wu  (8th grade)

I would also like to thank Emily Tian who coached the team and contributed to its success even though she was unable to participate herself. Also, big thank you to Catherine Zhang for acting as the parent coordinator.