Fall 2017 Schedule

This semester, we will have 3 meetings per week.  All are in Brownson Hall, Room 14, on the campus of Manhattanville College

1. Beginner class.  4:20-5:20 on Wednesdays.  
Some common topics that tend to appear in math circles will be covered for beginners, or those needing a refresher.

2. Interactive recreational math presentation.  5:30-6:50 on Wednesdays.
This is our main program!  We look for topics that are not usually covered in the standard math curriculum.  Pizza will be served.

3. Advanced Contest Math Training Sessions. 1:00-3:00 on Sundays. 
Professor Henry Ricardo will be leading problem solving sessions, each revolving around a given technique.
The problems will range in difficulty from AMC 12 to USAMO, including material relevant to PUMAC and HMMT.  We recommend that participants be reasonably proficient in AMC 10/12.

All of our meetings are free of charge.  All of our meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome.  

Beginner class.

4:20-5:20 Wednesdays

Interactive recreational math presentation. 
5:30-6:50 Wednesdays.
 Advanced Contest Math

1:00-3:00 Sundays.
 Sept 6 - Sequences and Series Sept 6 - Fun with the Fibonacci Sequence
Yevgeniy Kostrov (Manhattanville College)
 Sept 10 - Inequalities I: Some Basic Means
 Sept 13 - Sequences and Series II Sept 13 - Sona:  Sand Drawings from Central Africa
Paul Ellis (Manhattanville College)
 Sept 17 - Inequalities II: The Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality
 Sept 20 - NONE Sept 20 - HMMT and PUMAC Tryouts only.
 Sept 24 - Polynomials I: Basic Information
 Sept 27 - TBA Sept 27 - TBA
Austin Purvis (Manhattanville College)
 Oct 1 - Polynomials II: Sums and Products of Zeros
 Oct 4 - TBA Oct 4 - TBA
Austin Purvis (Manhattanville College)
 Oct 8 - Number Theory I: Basic Information
 Oct 11 - Binary numbers Oct 11 - The game of NIM and some variants
Paul Ellis (Manhattanville College)
 Oct 15 - Number Theory II: Advanced Ideas
 Oct 18 - Counting Methods
 Oct 18 - Graph Theory:  Prototype Representations
Mia Heissan (Manhattanville College)
 Oct 22 - Combinatorics: Basic Principles
 Oct 25 - TBA Oct 25 - Yevgeniy Kostrov Oct 29 - Probability: Basic Principles
 Nov 1 - TBA Nov 1 - Calculating volumes without Calculus
Yevgeniy Kostrov (Manhattanville College)
 Nov 8 - TBA Nov 8 - Induction
Mia Heissan (Manhattanville College)
 Nov 15  - NONE Nov 15 - AMC Try-outs 

(*speaker is from Manhattanville College)

Fall 2017 Contests
  • AMC 8.  Wednesday, November 15.  Email Professor Mia Heissan (a.heissan@mville.edu) to register. 
  • HMMT.  Saturday, Nov 11 at Harvard University.  We will send one team of 6 students.  Tryouts on Sept 20.
  • PUMAC.  Saturday, Nov 18 at Princeton University.  We will send one team of 8 students. Tryouts on Sept 20.
  • EMCC. January in Exeter, NH.  Date not announced yet.  We will send one team of 4 middle-school students.  Tryouts as needed.

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