I am a Schmidt Science Fellow working at the University of Maryland, College Park under the auspices of Johnpierre Paglione.

I obtained my PhD in July 2018 at the Institute for Quantum Matter (IQM) at Johns Hopkins University, working toward my PhD in physics under Collin Broholm as a Gardner Fellow and Lockheed Martin/KPMG ARCS fellow. I study collective phenomena in condensed matter through crystal growth/characterization, advanced spectroscopy (mostly neutron scattering), and theory.

Currently, my main interest is strongly interacting topological materials. The vast majority of my PhD was spent studying samarium hexaboride, a putative topological Kondo insulator with a topologically non-trivial band structure born out of hybridization.

I've also spent a fair bit of time working with frustrated magnetic systems, where competing interactions lead to large ground state degeneracies and intriguing dynamics. For instance, magnon decays can be present in frustrated magnetic systems. Magnon decays are when interacting magnons, the quasi-particles of spin-waves, obtain a finite lifetime even at zero temperature.

At home I have many hobbies, including propagation of corals & general saltwater reef keeping, music performance & sound engineering (attended Berklee College of Music before deciding to study waves a bit differently), fishing, hiking (especially the Grand Canyon), car repair (Jeeps or German), and whatever other projects I can fit into the basement.

I did my undergraduate degree in physics at the University of California, Irvine. I worked with Sasha Chernyshev on magnon decay dynamics and Sara Eichhorn on quantum game theory, as well as a couple mathematical modeling competitions.

Wes Fuhrman

Schmidt Science Fellow