Your Packing Solution


Do you have an oversized or fragile household item that requires special packing to withstand the harsh shipping environment? Wersen International is your solution. Whether a delicate chandelier, an ornate mirror, or simply a large object, we offers the expertise to ensure your item is packed correctly so it arrives at your destination safely. We provide packing and shipping services that typically aren't available from mail and parcel centers, movers.


  • Packing materials and techniques including Foam-In-Place, specialized cushioning, and blocking and bracing to protect your shipment.
  • Made to order crates and pallets built specifically to fit the item and secure it for transport.
  • Custom furniture wrap, and palletizing based on your shipment requirements.
  • On-site and Off-site crating available.
  • Full service pickup.
  • Declared value coverage up to any value based on your individual shipment needs.