Welcome to the Welsh Society of Delaware

(Cymdeithas Cymreig Delaware)

If you are interested in joining the Society, please e-mail us at

The Welsh Society of Delaware was founded in New Castle, Delaware on St. David's Day, March 1, 1977 by the late Peter Williams, a native of Flintshire, Wales. The aim of the Society is to preserve and strengthen Welsh culture in the state of Delaware through an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual respect.

One does not have to have a Welsh background or ancestry in order to join the Society, but an interest in the culture and contributions of Wales and the Welsh people and the furtherance of our mission is desirable.

The Society offers an opportunity to learn the Welsh language, events such as a Fall Social, and discussions concerning topics pertaining to Wales and the Welsh culture.

We welcome new members. For further information on activities and membership, please e-mail us at We are also on Facebook (Welsh Society of Delaware).

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site and we welcome your feedback.