Welcome! This is the home page of Daniel Weimer. I am working as a project manager and senior data scientist at Volkswagen Data:Lab in Munich, Germany. My job is to develop and deploy latest machine learning and AI algorithms into real processes along the whole automotive value chain. In parallel I am a researcher and lecturer at Leiden University, Netherlands at the the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science.
Prior to that I was a researcher at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa in the field of deep learning. I'm originally affiliated to the University of Bremen, where I have been working as a Research Scientist and Ph.D candidate in the Intelligent Production Systems research division at BIBA - Bremer Institut fuer Produktion und Logistik GmbH.

My research is on Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Application. One focus is on Deep Machine Learning, a great paradigm, which is entitled to bring machine learning closer to AI by learning powerful models from massive amounts of data (Big Data). I'm looking for interdisciplinary opportunities and contacts to forward my latest research, in academia as well as industrial environments.

NEWS: Review paper: Machine learning in manufacturing: advantages, challenges, and applications (collaboration with my colleague and friend Professor Thorsten Wuest @ West Virginia University)

Daniel Weimer

Volkswagen Group Data:Lab
Munich, Germany

Beating the human!

My motivation is to develop systems which are able to solve real world problems and transform traditional business towards data driven ones. Deep Learning is just the first step towards the best AI engine of the world: the human brain!