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Recent Concert at Northwood House Cowes

Recent Northwood House concert


This is a timeless and emotional journey of the post war musical development.

Peter plays a selection of favourite hits on the Classical Guitar. He connects each song with historical narrative and nostalgic anecdotes . He takes the audience through the progression of music styles and hits of the 50s leading up to the tragic loss of Buddy Holly and into the 60s . It is called - MAGIC MOMENTS - fittingly named after the well known Bacharach and David hit by Perry Como.

It covers Big Band and Solo Artists like Billy Holliday Ella Fitzgerald Frank Sanatra and Nat King Cole. You'll be tapping your feet to the rhythms of Tex Mex Hits like La Bamba by Ritchie Valens and the explosive Rockabilly genre by Bill Hayley and Gene Vincent.

The second half Incorporates the heart rendering song True Love Ways that Buddy Holly wrote for his wife shortly before that tragic night ..The day the Music Died. The show ends up with a great classic hit from Santo and Johnny called Sleep Walk ...performed later in the 60s by the Ventures amd the Shsdows. It was the sound track of the ending of the Buddy Holly story. Quiet an emotional finale.

You'll be sure to come away from this concert feeling both saddened and uplifted knowing that the Music really Never Died.

Spanish Festival Bournemouth 2016

Echoes of spain

Description to follow

classical guitar jukebox

A Tribute to the worlds GREATEST HITS performed on the Guitar.

More info to follow . . .