Nebraska Artifact Show

The Nebraska Artifact Show is collaberative effort among amateur and professional archaeologists, education institutions, federal and state agencies and the public.  Each year exhibitors from approximately 7 states gather to display historic and prehistoric cultural material originating from the Great Plains. 

The show is held annually in August at the Seward County Fairgrounds in Seward, Nebraska.

Speakers are selected from the professional archaeological community and have included:

2018    Michael R. Fosha (South Dakota State Historical Society) - "Lost, Forgotten and Found:  Cache Studies in South Dakota"

2017    Dr. Bonnie Pitblado (University of Oklahoma) - "Paloeindian Use of the Rocky Mountains:  Higher and Earlier than You Thought"

2016    Dr. Emily G. Williams - "Folsom Land Use Patterns in the Central Plains"

2015    Jeffrey J. Richner (National Park Service) - "A Brief History of Glass Beads in the Indian Trade"

2014    John R. (Rob) Bozell (Nebraska State Historical Society) - "The Search for Engineer Cantonment"   

2013    Dr. Brad Logan (Kansas State University) - "Late Prehistoric Sites: Current Research in North Central Kansas"

2012    Dr. Jack L. Hofman (University of Kansas) - "The Allen Complex in the Central Great Plains"

2011    Dr. Douglas Bamforth (University of Colorado) - "The Mahaffy Clovis-era Stone Tool Cache"

2010    Dr. Jason LaBelle (Colorado State University) - "Folsom and the Lindenmeier Site: Paleoindian Hunters on the Edge of the Rocky Mountains"

2009    Dr. Matthew Hill (Iowa State University) - "Paleoindian Occupation of Ash Hollow"

2008    Jeb Taylor (Jeb Taylor Artifacts) - "The Peopling of the Americas"

2007    Dr. Larry Agenbroad - "The Hudsen-Meng Site: A 10,000 Year Bison Kill on the Nebraska High Plains"

2006    Dr. Douglas Scott (Midwest Archeological Center) - "Battlefield Archaeology: Artifact Recovery Using Metal Detectors"

2005    Dr. Steven R. Holen (Denver Museum of Nature & Science) - "Early Human Occupation of the Great Plains"