The Club will be conducting online Zoom meetings for the rest of this season.

7th January 2021


Our round of the SCPF PDI competition.

21st January 2021

Flo McEwan - Adventures of a Duchess.

Flo McEwan has been a keen amateur photographer for many years and more recently she has focused on the photography of derelict buildings, gothic ruins, old graveyards and other unusual locations both in the UK and overseas. Although her images have been featured in the National and International press, it’s Flo’s view that you don’t necessarily need to have expensive camera equipment or great technical expertise to produce interesting and beautiful images. Flo has a fascination for the World War II fort on the east coast of England one of which is the Republic of Sealand of which she is a Duchess – hence the title of her talk, Adventures of a Duchess.

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Image © Flo McEwan

4th February 2021

PDI Round 4.

Theme: Open - Judge - Rob De Ruiter.

18th February 2021

Talk by Matt Cattell.

Matt will speak to us on the subject of outdoor photography. Matt will cover local wildlife and landscape in the Reading area together with venues further afield such as the Lake District and the South Coast. He will also be talking about his project called 'Beneath your Feet'.

Matt is an award-winning outdoor photographer with a passion for promoting the natural world through photography, from panoramic vistas down to the details and behaviour of the wildlife on our doorstep.

Matt has had success in a number of photographic competitions and was named Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2016. His work has also been featured on front covers including the Sunday Times Magazine and National Geographic Traveller.

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4th March 2021

Andy Small - Fine Art flower and Nature Photography

Andy Small specialises in macro photography and photographs of nature and landscapes, particularly of the British Isles and he is an RHS course tutor who regularly runs flower photography workshops at RHS Wisley. Andy has found success by being one of the UK’s most original, artistic and influential flower photographers who exhibits regularly at events in the UK.

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Image © Andy Small

18th March 2021

PDI Round 5.

Theme: Weather - Judge - Andrew Mills.

1st April 2021

AV Evening and Triptych Tutorial.

A chance to show your AV skills plus a quick tutorial on easy ways of preparing triptychs.

15th April 2021

Talk by Adrian Beasley.

Adrian Beasley’s passion is landscape photography, coming from years of walking in the mountains of Snowdonia, but at heart, Adrian is an engineer. The demand for logic and analysis in engineering fostered a soft spot for modern architecture. With flowing lines and un-compromising geometry, architectural subjects prove irresistible to him, especially when shot for black and white. Adrian started photography seriously in 1995 working through the City & Guilds courses with much of his early work created in the darkroom.

In 2000, with the arrival of his daughter, the bathroom darkroom was closed for good. However, being a software engineer by trade, he decided to embrace software completely and sold all his darkroom equipment in exchange for Photoshop and a large format scanner and printer. In 2002 Adrian started teaching C&G photography courses. Within a few years he progressed to hosting intensive Photoshop and Lightroom courses for Light and Land and on a one-to-one basis. The main emphasis of his presentation will be on preparing an image for printing, paper selection and printing.

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Image © Adrian Beasley

29th April 2021

PDI Round 6.

Theme: Street and Urban Life - Judge - Daan Olivier.

6th May 2021


We obviously don't know whether this will bepossible but we're retaining the date just in case.

13th May 2021

PDI Triptych.

Designed to be an online substitute for our usual three print challenge.

27th May 2021

Club AGM.

10th June 2021

Summer Social (we hope!)

Broken Symmetry - Dave Tollow