Announcement: WebART hosts the next CATCH meeting at the National Library in the Hague

Post date: Jan 31, 2013 2:38:36 PM

The WebART project will host the upcoming CATCH meeting at the National Library of the Netherlands.

Program and schedule will be announced shortly (see also: NWO website

Archiving the Web: How to Support Research of Future Heritage?

National Library of the Netherlands, the Hague, April 19 2013, 12:00-18:00

The web has become the central medium of our time -- all our traditional media have become digital and even our own lives are increasingly taking place 'on the web'.  Preservation and archiving practices haven't kept pace, resulting in our future heritage being  lost to posterity, rapidly and indefinitely.  Web Archives constantly struggle with challenges of preserving an ephemeral medium, and have to make crucial decisions on selection policies, storage constrains, and the desired frequency of crawling and harvesting.  The evolution of Web-based technologies and services -- such as dynamic content, social media, RSS feeds, Tweets, Mobile Applications and API's -- creates new challenges. Also the demands of researchers using the web archive evolve rapidly, requiring novel access tools for exploring the existing archived Web strata, or new types of data that are currently not preserved by Web archives. What is the best way forward to make both ends meet?