Wood County WV Fire School was founded by the Wood County Fire Association which was established in 1972. This page is for general information about the Wood County WV Fire School. Once things are finalized, we will be posting a class list on this page, and also keep everyone up to date on class sizes, and when classes are full. Continue to check this page for the lastest updates.

Stayed Tuned for upcoming class schedule and list.

Thanks to the members of the fire school committe, Wood County Firefighters Association and RESA V for all the hard work, prior too, and the weekend of the school. Great Job!!!

The Wood County Fire School reserves the right to cancel classes contigent upon enrollment and to make instructor changes. The Wood County Fire School does not discriminate relative to age, race, religious affiliation, nationality, or sex. The Wood County Fire School can in no way be held liable for any accident or injury sustained while participating as a student during the conference. Each student will sign a waiver to this effect.