WB9ZPH ARRL Volunteer Examiner team - Garland and Mesquite Texas area

Are you looking for a local amateur radio testing team to get a new or upgraded ham radio license?  Walk-ins are welcome at any of our sessions.  We are part of the ARRL VEC and offer exams at least monthly.  However, if you can let us know that you plan to attend, we can better plan for the number of attendees at a session.  To notify us that you'll be attending or if you have any further questions, contact Janet Crenshaw, WB9ZPH via email at wb9zph@gmail.com or use (972) 302-9992 for voice or text messages.

Also,  if you're looking for help in preparing for your exam, we've gathered some information on self-study materials including practice exams here for you.

You should have your FCC Registration number (FRN) BEFORE you take the exam. If you already have a license, your FRN is printed ON YOUR LICENSE which you will need to bring to the testing session.. If you do not have a license, go to http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/index.htm?job=hometo get your FRN. Click on 'Register'. At this point, you will also set up a password so you can log on later. Write them down and BRING YOUR FRN TO THE EXAM SESSION.

Note that if you forget or don't know this ahead of time, we will have some internet access so you can register to get an FRN at the exam session.  But having your FRN when you arrive for an exam will reduce the time required before we can start the exams.

Upcoming scheduled exams in 2018 and 2019

Exams normally start at 7:30pm the 4th Thursday of each month unless otherwise indicated:

  • Saturday Nov 10 in Garland.  This is a special testing session being arranged and is NOT open to walk-ins.  We will have limited seating, but can handle 2 or 3 more if needed.  If you wish to test on Nov 10, call WB9ZPH, at (972) 302-9992.
  • Nov -- no 4th Thursday testing session in November
  • Dec 13 (Garland)  note that this is NOT the 4th Thursday due to holiday activities at our regular testing site.
  • Jan 10 (Mesquite) this is our first Mesquite testing session
  • Jan 24 (Garland)
  • Feb 14 (Mesquite)
  • Feb 28 (Garland)
  • Mar 14 (Mesquite)
  • Mar 28 (Garland)
  • Apr 11 (Mesquite)
  • Apr 25 (Garland)
  • May 9 (Mesquite)
  • May 23 (Garland)
  • June 13 (Mesquite)
  • June 27 (Garland)
  • Jul 11 (Mesquite)
  • Jul 25 (Garland)
  • Aug 8 (Mesquite)
  • Aug 22 (Garland)
  • Sept 12 (Mesquite) - note that this is last testing session in 2019 in Mesquite.  Join us in Garland if you want to take your exam in October or December
  • Sept 26 (Garland)
  • Oct 24 (Garland)
  • Nov -- no testing session in November
  • Dec 12 (Garland)-- note that this is NOT the 4th Thursday due to holiday activities at our regular testing site.

Our normal testing locations

Garland Texas: 

Unless otherwise indicated, Garland area ARRL VE test sessions are held at the Freeman Heights Baptist Church (1120 N. Garland),  The doors normally open at 7pm and testing sessions start promptly at 7:30 p.m. (Park in the back parking lot of the church.  We’ll have signs posted to show you where to go.)

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Mesquite Texas: 

Unless otherwise indicated, Mesquite area ARRL VE test sessions are held at the Mesquite Fire Department Training facility located at 215 Holley Park Dr in Mesquite.  The doors normally open at 6:30pm and testing sessions start promptly at 7p.m.  We’ll have signs posted to show you where to go.)

MFD Training, 215 Holley Park Dr

Other exam locations

You can search the ARRL exam database for exams given by other teams. But in the Dallas area, the best resource for local exams is http://www.dfwlist.org.

After your exam
Have you taken your exam and want to see if you've been assigned a call sign yet?  Or do you want to print a copy of your license?  Go to the FCC ULS here: http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/index.htm?job=home  Log into 'online filing' and you can see the status of your application or print your license.

Are you interested in getting a vanity call sigh?  The ARRL has some good information here: http://www.arrl.org/vanity-call-signs.   It's easy, and there's no charge by the FCC to get a vanity call.

Do you want your amateur radio call sign on your car license plates.  Go to TxDMV.GOV and click on 'order'.

Need to renew, change an address, etc:  You can also get information on making license changes (such as your name or address) at http://www.arrl.org/Call-Sign-Renewals-or-Changes.  It's also quite easy (and free) to renew your license directly with the FCC at http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls.  Here's some easy to read instructions to renew or make license changes for free at http://blog.hamstudy.org/2015/01/renewing-or-updating-your-license-online-for-free/

Do you want to join our VE team?

We have a very active ARRL Volunteer Examiner team that serves the Garland and Mesquite areas east of Dallas.  FYI: we are not run by any Amateur Radio Club and you do not have join a specific club to be part of our team. If you are interested becoming a Volunteer Examiner, you only need a General class license or higher to be a VE.  However, being a VE is a great reason to upgrade to Amateur Extra.  And if you’re already a VE, upgrading to Extra is easy via http://www.hamradiolicenseexam.com/free-extra-course-for-active-volunteer-examiners.htm.
  • This page on the ARRL site allows you to download the current VE manual or read it online, and has information on how to get your ARRL VE credentials.  Once you pass the review and have your ARRL VE credentials, you are very welcome to help out with our team.

  • OR contact Janet Crenshaw, WB9ZPH or via telephone at (972) 302-9992 for additional information. I have VE packets with applications, a current VE manual I can lend out, and all the material you need to get your ARRL VE credentials.  There is no cost to you to become an ARRL VE.