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These files hosted by permission of authors:

Clive Davis's Ghauri

Clive Davis's Rapunzel Rocket (great for girls) 

Joy Cohn's Black Brant VIII
(this model is still under developement)

Eric Truax
Regulus 2 - First successful terminal dive model 1/96 scale
Regulus 2 - Production tactical missile 1/96 scale

Eric's Sky Cycle Clone
(right click and "Save File or Target")
Sky Cycle File 1
Sky Cycle File 2



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*Aileen's Tacky Glue is a great alternative to Elmers White Glue. Aileen's is tackier and dries clear 

*65 -110lb Cardstock is the best choice for most paper models 

*you can score folds with a fine ink pen or carefully with the back of your X-acto

*Be sure to check out the Scale Data Page on Rocketry Blog