WayneGo Design offers a diversified background, working on products from implantable pacemakers to motorcycle brake systems. By utilizing creative approaches to problem solving and defining the product requirements, the resulting designs meet the product requirements,  are cost effective, and Designed For Manufacturability (DFM). With over eighteen years of experience in the medical field, coupled with working knowledge of FDA Quality System Regulation Design Controls and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), enables WayneGo Design to produce high quality compliant designs. Also, experienced with biocompatibility of materials and sterilization methods of Gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide gas (EtO) and autoclaving. WayneGo Design offers high level expertise in plastic part design and material selection, electronic packaging and 3D CAD experience with SolidWorks software.


Medical Industry

    • Implantable Pacemakers

    • Electrosurgical Equipment and instruments / accessories

    • High Volume Disposable electro-mechanical Sterile instruments / accessories

    • Reusable Plastic electro-mechanical instruments / accessories

    • Surgical Smoke Evacuator

    • Medical Carts, metal and  Rotational Molded

Consumer Industry
    • Water Filtration (Reverse Osmosis, Activated carbon, Sediment)

    • Exercise Equipment

    • Small Kitchen Appliances

    • Motorcycle Components

    • Home Automation Equipment

    • Sporting Equipment

Commercial Industry
    • Compact Spiral Wound Lead Acid battery with plastic case