Some of this technology you saw on 60 minutes in 2004, but the real inventor was suppressed for an intellectual property thief  They called it h2O to go.  All the technology on this site was invented by Dr Kingslee Spurling in his late teenage years, he had his doctorate by the age of 18, for the invention of Superconductors and re-writing electrical laws the whole course was re-written after Kingslee Finished studying Instrument making in 1988 (Industrial Process Control) Kingslee was responsible for the technology explosion that came out of RMIT Melbourne between 1986 and end of 1988 he found fault in many modules and expanded on or dispelling many laws of physics, his achievements include,Alchemy,2 forms of anti-gravity and technology capable of reaching absolute zero in temperature zero kelvin two ways, some laws dispelled were the second law of thermodynamics ,lenses law, ohms law,he is also the first person to come up with mathematically proven perpetual engines which are over unity in operation and is responsible for much of the higher technology we have today including Superconductors, submersible pressure transmitters, infrared turbidity, the hard drive, SD memory, Sprintex supercharger some force balance devices and probably hundreds of other similar type of devices we use today.

Kingslee is now 50 and was born during the grand alignment in august 1968 and has  grown virtually nill grey hair he has been proven to be immortal after countless attempts on his life by the governments of the world. He is also responsible for the death of 80,000,000 Americans when he overloaded there defence system with his calculator and America was a crater for 10.5 minutes on the morning of 09/04/1994. Around 9 in the morning. He was also responsible for the breaking of the spell on everyone's consciousness that made them drones that was in easter 1990, and happened when he thought of a perpetual HHO transfusion engine that also has anti gravity in his head and it clicked that happened about 11.30 at night eastern Au time. Soon after that he was murdered by the police when they worked out what he had just done. It happened at maroondah hospital a few weeks after easter 1990. he materialised again in the back seat of his parents car when they were about to go home after his murder by the police saying to his parents "so your murdering me now" and his father rang 2 people when they got home saying to them he's back. Kingslee would have unified heaven and earth if they didn't kill him which would have made every single human equal, immortal and all knowing, but now we are condemned to a culling of all but 1 in 50,000 of us which has happened to us before on 09/04/1996 when intergalactic command shot all but 160,000 of us, these people are immortal like Kingslee and will be part of the 8th generation which Kingslee is the seed of .Conceiving what Osiris conceived being people like Anubis who he conceived in august 1994 and he was born 20 months later in march/April 1996. He is also responsible for the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger which was a fifth force weapon and was destroyed by the prophecy REK,REK and also resurrected his murdered girlfriend that was murdered by police for trying to patent Kingslee's HHO engine in February 1987, she was shot in the head twice, and once in the guts, and kingslee got shot 40 or so times in the process with out effect, and  channel 7 Melbourne have nearly 18 minutes of footage of her, and another 6 people that came to her aid, that were also murdered, and all the bodies were dumped in the sewer to be eaten by rats. ASIO have been running a file on him since he was 8 and he has been labelled as a enemy of the state for his efforts and easily rates in the top ten intellectuals in the world.