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Located between Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC, Lake Wateree is the last in series of reservoirs on the Catawba River. 
On April 16, 2013, American Rivers published its 2013 list of the most endangered rivers in the United States.  The Catawba River was listed as the fifth most endangered river in the U.S. This announcement followed the issuance of two new PCB fish advisories for the Catawba River and publicity about other recent environmental insults to the Catawba River including a January spill of over 1 million gallons of untreated sewage into the Catawba River from Morganton’s sewage system.  In previous years, the Catawba River was named by the Southern Environmental Law Center as one of the ten most threatened places in the South (in 2010 and 2012) and the Union of Concerned Scientists identified the Catawba River as one of the most stressed rivers in the United States from water usage by power plants (in 2011). The American Rivers listing, other dubious distinctions, fish advisories, and environmental insults should be a wake-up call to improve waste disposal practices and reduce the impact of development on our water supplies. Three years ago the Catawba was named America's "Most Endangered River" by American Rivers based on water resources constraints, and in 2010, the Southern Environmental Law Center called the Catawba River one of the southeast's "Most Endangered Places" for the same reason.  A new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists finds that the Catawba River basin, a once-thought abundant supply of water, is experiencing high water-supply stress - the 5 to 19 Billion gallons of water per year used for cooling by power plants. The report finds that water used to cool power plants that generate electricity are stressing freshwater resources around the U.S, and identifies the Catawba River as one of the 25 most stressed watersheds in the nation. 
Given the lake's location downstream from the rapidly growing metropolis of Charlotte, NC, there is a growing desire for more regular monitoring than what SC DHEC is able to provide. WaterWatch is a volunteer-led monitoring group born out of this need for a constant water quality monitoring presence on Lake Wateree.
This website is designed to be a place to learn about the monitoring efforts taking place on Lake Wateree, as well as a place to connect with other concerned stakeholders, learn about water quality, and get involved!

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Our Mission: To continuously monitor elements of water quality to protect, preserve and defend the environmental health and habitat of Lake Wateree, so as to sustain its wildlife and provide for the needs of its human residents and the general public.