Club History

The Frome Board Game Club was formed as "The Wassail Games Club" in June 2003 by Pete and Helen of Wassail Games. They had just opened a new game shop on Catherine Hill Frome and wanted to establish a club for gamers at the same time.

For the first few meetings there were just 8 of us and the club met during the evening within the shop.

It soon became apparent that a bigger location would be required if the club was to grow and we found a new home in the Griffin Pub. Over the years we have had a few homes, moving from the Griffin to the Packhorse Pub, the Rugby Club back to the Griffin and finally on to our current home at the George Hotel Frome.

Our club has seen people come and go over the years, but has always had a good number of members of varying ages, interests and abilities.

The Wassail Games shop, with members of the club helping out, also ran 2 game conventions in 2004 and 2005 in conjunction with the Frome Festival.

The Wassail Games shop closed on 10th June 2006 when Pete and Helen moved to Cornwall.

Our club still continues to exist as the "Frome Board Games Club" and is now run by Paul Jordan. We meet weekly on Thursdays and monthly on Sundays in Frome.