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Short deadlines, crazy requests, budget constraints....no problem!  For us it's personal- the music we choose, the artists we sign and the relationships we make. As one of the first independent publishers in Nashville to move into sync licensing, we're proud to represent a cutting edge indie catalog, authentic vintage songs- circa 30s-80s as well as hip hop, jazz, holiday and more.  Known as a trusted music source and an easy licensing ‘one-stop’ shop, we work closely with music supervisors in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Our songs and instrumental cues have been featured in a variety of TV shows, trailers, movies and feature films.  See more on our Placements Page.  

We look forward to helping you find the perfect music for your next project. 

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Have your songs heard by millions. Make thousands.  

Nancy & Queenie are proud to announce their new online video course. If you write country music, bluegrass, country rock/blues/folk, southern rock, or CCM,  we can show you how to build on your skills to help you get your music in film, TV, trailers, and commercials. Sign up for freebies, and to learn more 

***SOLD OUT registration is closed***

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 From the Vintage Vault - "You Learn Something New Everyday" by Tommy Raye Tucker

Don't miss The Last Stop In Yuma County - In theaters & digital May 10th! 

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Congrats on the featured songs 

Gary Shaffer

"Good Man On A Bad Streak" 

Charlie John

"Over My Head" 

Francis Larson"


In the film The Dogs  

Directed by Valerie Buhagiar 

It's A Wonderful Knife

...a twisted Christmas tale.


"Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe" 

by The Well Pennies

November 2023

Featuring "Blues Banks West" by Andre Fratto

Featuring "This Is Gonna Be Good" by Becca Lynn

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new releases & featured favs 


Music Supervisors! 

Peacock’s Pick, is our invitation only, carefully curated Disco library.  You'll find authentic vintage recordings, indie pop and rock, Americana, hip hop, holiday, epic instrumentals & more.  Contact us for information.

Viva la Vintage

We have Original Recordings 

and retro sounds from the 

1930s - 1980s, including small orchestra, R&B/Soul. Rock & Roll Country and more.     

Listen here.  

Welcome New Artists

Izzy Potter - Wht.Rbt.Obj. - Rudy Wade - Small Town City - Michael Mironen

Lloyd Bentley Scott - Courtney Nord - Rowe Rowe - Kickstand Jenny