Michigan CPL application and Instructions - This is a .doc file if you enable editing you will be able to fill in the fields on the application.

MI CPL Renewal info - This site has step by step instructions for renewing your CPL.

Michigan State Police firearm links - This site contains links to various firearm laws in the state of Michigan.

Michigan CPL quick Reference - This is a printable reference card that contains info about the pistol free zones and drinking while carrying.

Michigan's Concealed Pistol Law - FAQs - Michigan state police CPL FAQ.

State Reciprocity Info - Michigan attorney general's basic Michigan CPL reciprocity information.

MI Firearm Laws - This is a .pdf of all Michigan firearm laws. (Note: This link requires a .pdf file viewer. Like Adobe reader.) - This site contains up-to-date references for state handgun laws including reciprocity. If you are traveling out of state check this site to familiarize yourself with other states laws. - This site contains articles about concealed carry and the defensive mindset. - Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners. This Site contains links to news articles and legislation that may concern gun owners. - Insurance for the legal costs incured form a defensive encounter. - Defensive ammo research page covering most common defensive calibers.