I am currently an assistant professor at KAIST (Daejeon, South Korea) from February 2019. Here is my CV.

I am interested in p-adic Hodge theory and p-adic cohomology theories, Barsotti-Tate groups, Shimura varieties and their local analogue (Rapoport-Zink spaces), and their function field analogues. I am also interested the application to the p-adic cohomology theory to the function field case of equivariant BSD conjecture.

My email address is: wansu dot math at gmail dot com.


They can also be found on the arXiv, although the versions posted here can be slightly more up-to-date (due to my tendency to frequently revise my preprints).

• (joint with David Burns, Mahesh Kakde) On a refinement of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture in positive characteristic arXiv:1805.03611


• (joint with Paul Hamacher) l-adic étale cohomology of Shimura varieties of Hodge type with non-trivial coefficients arXiv:1711.07123

to appear in Math. Ann.

• On central leaves of Hodge-type Shimura varieties with parahoric level structure arXiv:1703.04470

to appear in Math. Z.

• Rapoport-Zink uniformisation of Hodge-type Shimura varieties.

Forum Math. Sigma (2018), Vol 6, e16.

• Rapoport-Zink spaces of Hodge type arXiv:1308.5537

Forum Math. Sigma (2018), Vol 6, e8.

• (Joint with Urs Hartl) Local Shtukas, Hodge-Pink Structures and Galois Representations arXiv:1512.05893

to appear in Proceedings of the conference on "t-motives: Hodge structures, transcendence and other motivic aspects", BIRS, Banff, Canada 2009, Editors G. Böckle, D. Goss, U. Hartl, M. Papanikolas, European Mathematical Society, 53 pages.

• (Joint with Keerthi Madapusi Pera) 2-adic integral canonical models

Forum Math. Sigma (2016), Vol 4, e28.

The relative Breuil-Kisin classification of p-divisible groups and finite flat group schemes

Int. Math. Res. Not. (2015), Vol 17, Pages 8152 - 8232;

Erratum: Int. Math. Res. Not. (2015), Vol 19, Pages 8353 - 8356.

The classification of p-divisible groups over 2-adic discrete valuation rings

Math. Res. Lett. (2012), Vol 19, No 01, Pages 121 - 141.

Galois deformation theory for norm fields and flat deformation rings

J. Number Theory (2011), Vol 131, No 7, Pages 1258 - 1275.

PhD Thesis

Galois deformation theory for norm fields and its arithmetic applications


KAIST, Department of Mathematical Sciences

291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu

Daejeon, 34141

Republic of Korea

Email: wansu dot math at gmail dot com.