Webpage of Wansu Kim (金完洙)

I am currently an assistant professor at KAIST (Daejeon, South Korea) from February 2019. Here is my CV.

I am interested in p-adic Hodge theory and p-adic cohomology theories, Barsotti-Tate groups, Shimura varieties and their local analogue (Rapoport-Zink spaces), and their function field analogues. I am also interested the application to the p-adic cohomology theory to the function field case of equivariant BSD conjecture.

My email address is: wansu dot math at gmail dot com.

I am organising the KAIST Number Theory seminar (KANTs). More details about the seminar can be found here.


They can also be found on the arXiv, although the versions posted here can be slightly more up-to-date (due to my tendency to frequently revise my preprints).

  • (joint with David Burns, Mahesh Kakde) On a refinement of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture in positive characteristic arXiv:1805.03611

  • (joint with Paul Hamacher) Point Counting on Igusa Varieties for function fields arXiv:2208.01069


  • (joint with Paul Hamacher) On G-isoshtukas over function fields arXiv:2003.07389

Selecta Math. Vol 27 (2021), Article number 75, 35 pages.

  • (Joint with Urs Hartl) Local Shtukas, Hodge-Pink Structures and Galois Representations arXiv:1512.05893

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  • (joint with Paul Hamacher) l-adic étale cohomology of Shimura varieties of Hodge type with non-trivial coefficients arXiv:1711.07123

Math. Ann. Vol 375 (2019), No 3-4, pp 973-1044.

  • On central leaves of Hodge-type Shimura varieties with parahoric level structure arXiv:1703.04470

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  • Rapoport-Zink uniformisation of Hodge-type Shimura varieties.

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PhD Thesis

Galois deformation theory for norm fields and its arithmetic applications


KAIST, Department of Mathematical Sciences

291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu

Daejeon, 34141

Republic of Korea

Email: wansu dot math at gmail dot com.